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Approximately 1 hour drive from the Frasteva Resort, you will find the charming and suggestive Gorges of Alcantara, an indispensable destination for nature lovers and naturalistic itineraries. They are located in the province of Messina, near Francavilla di Sicilia in the Valley of Alcantara where the river is flowing, appearing as a series of gorges up to 25 meters wide and wide at the nearest 2 meters and at the most points 4-5 meters wide. In the territory of Motta Camastra in Fondaco Motta lies the most impressive and famous gorge of Alcantara, long for more than 6 km but easy to reach for the first 3.

The peculiarity of this gorge consists of the structure of the walls, created by a basaltic lava flow (poor in silicon but rich in iron, magnesium and calcium), the lava cools very slowly, given the great thickness of the plateau problems created . The gorges of Alcantara are ideal for lovers of nature and the greatness of the landscape, to savor sporty to the slower and active rhythms or easy routes suitable for all.

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