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Tradition in Sicily. The Festival of S. Agata

From 2 to 5 February 2017 - Catania

From 3 to 5 February the city of Catania forget everything in order to concentrate on the celebration of the Patron Sain S.Agata.  Three days party, a mixture of devotion and folklore, which annually attracts over one million people.

In the first day is the cortege of two 17th century carriage and of eleven big candles representative of associations and professions and in the evening, is the moment of stunning fireworks.

The second day, February 4, marks the first meeting of the city with the Patron Saint. It is the most exciting day of the festival when from the first hours of the morning, the streets are crowded with devotee wearing the traditional “sacco“ , a votive coat of white canvas ankle-length and tied at the waist by accord, a black velvet cap, white gloves. Three different person, the treasurer, the master of ceremonies, the prior of the cathedral chapter, guarded three keys, which open the iron gate that protects the relics in the cathedral. With shimmering gold and precious gems, the bust of St. Agatha is hoisted on a silver renaissance “fercolo”, lined with red velvet, the color of the blood of martyrdom and of the royalty, and then is carried in procession through the city.

The procession continues also on 5 February until the day after.

During these days it is also possible to taste traditional sweet dedicated to the Saint, prepared for the celebration as the “Cassateddi o Minni di Vergine” and the “Olivette”.


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